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Starting operations with 2 Beechcraft SUPER-KING AIR B-200C ( SKA B-200C) fixed wing aircraft in early 1991 and 2 new NBell-412SP helicopter, manufactured by IPTNi (Indonesia Aircraft Industry) Bandung, at the end of that year, TRIGANA AIR SERVICE responded quickly to the high demand for air support to the Indonesian transportation need.

Our first client in March 1991 was PT Mapindo which utilized our SKA B-200s for forestry photo mapping in all the Indonesian islands. This was the first ever high precision and the best aerial photography done in the country and the success of this project led to the addition of another 3 aircraft with the client for the same service.

Another different operation was then developed with the introduction of the NBell-412 SP helicopter on November 1991. This aircraft was operated on behalf of MAXUS Oil (Oil Exploration Company contracted by Pertamina/ The Indonesia Petrolium Company) in Pabelokan, Seribu Islands, off-shore, north of Jakarta. A further Bell 412 was added a year later. The helicopters were used for crew and logistic moving, with a very high standard of operation and maintenance.

The success of the mapping photography caused the client to acquire his own aircraft for the operation thus eliminating the requirement of our aircraft, which led our Management to seek other work for the aircraft, which resulted in the decision to operate a totally different type of aircraft and accordingly 4 F27-600 was purchased as our choice as for the replacement of the “ SKA - B200” . The F-27 was put in service based in Jakarta for passenger and cargo charter with CONOCO, the Oil Company and scheduled domestic flights (Sempati Air).

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Komplek Puri Sentra Niaga Jakarta 13620. Jl. Wiraloka Blok D 68-69-70. Kalimalang

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